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"A dynamic ride with a satisfying climax, filled with chills" — Kirkus Reviews

How far would one nurse go to help a dying patient with a dark secret? 


Adrift, unfulfilled, and with a violent old flame suddenly back in her life, hospice nurse Scarlett Laurent is at a crossroads.


When a routine call leads her to James Francis, a mysterious patient with a dying wish, Scarlett is tasked with the unthinkable. Breaking her oath as a nurse will be no easy feat, and unfortunately for her, her problems have just begun.


As ghosts of James’s past come back to haunt him, Scarlett finds herself in the crosshairs of dangerous men hell-bent on revenge.


Lost and hunted by mobsters and crooked cops, Scarlett must navigate a web of dark secrets and lies if she hopes to make it out alive.


But who can she trust?


In a twisted game of fate, this dynamic thriller thrusts you into a whirlpool of betrayal, blackmail, and murder, and reveals just how truly fragile one can become...

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